About Alexander Hahn

In my more than 20 years as a consultant, I have had the opportunity to accompany many industries and look after even more clients and topics. I was able to travel the world and develop a cultural sensitivity that helps me in many situations today. I was clearly on the career path, in charge of up to 150 people and wanted to go higher, further, faster – until health problems forced me  to make a decision: Do I continue to play a role and be guided by external influences? Or do I accept myself, take my life into my own hands and live according to my inner conviction?

That was my turning point. I kept my roots and my business context, but at the same time I trained as a Mental Coach, Business Coach and Trainer. I have always enjoyed working with people, putting together teams and achieving a common goal. And this is based on the conviction that inner strength and power can also give rise to outer strength. I have brought this back to myself and I enjoy  passing it on to you following the motto: “Be more yourself”.