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We love to accompany and support growth and development. We see ourselves as innovative potential developers, mind liberators and strength cultivator.

Hahn & Loewe

The world is changing now, more than ever. If we want to face these changes with confidence and with success, we need access to all our own potential and all our strength – as individuals, as a team and as an organization.

A patent remedy would be nice. But also unrealistic. Each person is an individual in thinking, feeling and acting in his or her own particular way. And such strong individuals form strong communities developing together, enjoying the highest degree of cooperation, and actively shaping their future.


Are more successful than the competition by a factor of 6 and perform better than the overall market by a factor of 15

Enjoy a high level of loyalty among their employees and thus increase profit by about 22 percent

Are more attractive for talented people - and therefore more tempting for qualified employees

Strengthen the resilience factors and create an environment for healthy and efficient employees

Strengthen the resilience factors and create an environment for healthy and efficient employees

Change, however, affects everyone differently. While digitalization, Industry 4.0 and new technologies are constantly increasing our pace, many people are losing mental and physical strength and agility at the same rate. Those who feel driven, often only react instead of actively deciding for themselves and spotting opportunities that are currently available. We know this and have developed solutions for your challenges.

of experience in coaching, training and consulting
and projects for companies successfully implemented
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The Way We See Ourselves

We are convinced that people can live to their full potential when they are in a state of balance.


Successfully shaping your life according to your own values, needs and desires


Science combined with proven methodology


How to relax the mind even in turbo-charged times

SENSE of Belonging

The feeling of being a proud part of a larger community


Through a healthy, rested and efficient body


Body, mind, soul and heart act in unison

Clients who trust us

– Sven Jacobs, Head, indirect Sourcing


Hahn & Loewe proved themselves instrumental in helping turn a diverse group of professional buyers, located across Europe, into a firmly committed and dedicated team.

Thanks to the personal attention of Svenja and Alex the team quickly found a binding set of common values and developed within a remarkable short period of time into a truly highly performing Procurement team!

– Daniela Pfefferkorn, Propriortres

Hotel Goldener Berg

We have now been working for a good year with Hahn & Loewe as our coaches but also with them as structural providers for our management team.

Mr. Hahn is very structured and always has a good overall view.  He recognizes what is required to achieve the results we need.  Mr. Hahn also carried out workshops with our team as well as individual coaching with the management.  He proceeds very analytically and immediately recognizes the crux of the situation.  This has helped us a lot in the past – we are changing for the better every day.  We look forward to working with Mr. Hahn in the future and wish him and his company the best, both personally and professionally.

Bad Schörgau

Hahn & Loewe have been accompanying our house for several years now.

The way they  support us in introducing changes in our organization and corporate culture is best characterised by enthusiasm,  ease and strategic pragmatism. With various team development workshops and work with individual employees, they have provided the team with greater clarity and transparency, enabling us to develop new ideas across departments, strengthen cooperation and move into the future with a common vision.

LaFuGa – The Escape

As the initiator of the international and multidisciplinary food movement "LaFuGa - The Escape", I have had Hahn & Loewe at my side as founding members from the very first minute.

LaFuGa is a think tank by and for people from various disciplines, fields and countries with the aim of bringing about a lasting change in awareness of food, nutrition and eating. Svenja and Alexander were responsible for the successful design and moderation of the founding workshop with 20 participants from different countries around the world and the creation of a common manifesto. They support the further development of this global project so that this movement can continue to grow and make a decisive contribution to the most important discussion of mankind: healthy, sustainable food for all of us.

Gregor Wenter

Svenja and Alexander have for several years now been both my consultant and coach, accompanying me on my journey as owner and manging director.

I especially appreciate them as my sparring partners in their way of constructively examining complex topics, new ideas, and business developments. Their wide scope of using various methods of cognitive business development tools, mental and physical training techniques together with their comprehensive and diverse methodological competence have been able to give me constantly new impulses. This has propelled my development forward which in turn has benefitted my hotel and other brands.

– Markus Mathis, Director Hotel Goldener Berg

Hotel Goldener Berg

I am very happy to have Alexander as a coach, trainer and guide and can only recommend him!

Implementing structures in the company in a practical way as well as implementing time management, personality training and development in everyday life are only a few things we have practised together. Many thanks to the great tips from life and for life, which also make it possible to implement all of this!

– Thomas Tutzer

Top Chef & World Skills World Champion

Thanks a lot for your support over the last years, you have always been a great mental support for me!

I appreciate the very personal contact, the attentive listening and the feeling of being understood – this way I could talk about everything. On the one hand, you have always been quick to focus on how to deal with the problem in order to find quick solutions. At the same time, you were careful to fight the problem in the long term and let me approach things with more confidence. There you were and are always my role models. So much love of life paired with self-confidence, the trust in your own abilities – that’s what I admire about you both. Not forgetting your generosity and your enormous friendliness. All this helps me in my worse phases to reflect on all the good and positive things you have taught me and to put them into practice.

– Luis Marcellan, Global Director Purchasing CAPEX and Tooling

Cooper Standard

During my time at General Motors in Germany I got to know Svenja and Alexander. Both are people whose positive energy can be felt from the very first minute.

Their brilliant coaching has helped me enormously both on my professional path and in my personal development – especially with regard to health and a more balanced lifestyle. Both have many years of experience in coaching and they love what they do – and that has an immense impact. I will always remember what I was able to learn from them and through them, because it is a big part of my success today.


Hahn & Loewe has been at my side since the first step on my path to entrepreneurship and has regularly developed solutions for my entrepreneurial, personal, mental and energetic blocks.

The special thing about Alex and Svenja is that they have an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience and they manage to use this vast store of knowledge and experience in offering concise, easy to follow and understand, always solution oriented advice. Their approach: Problem -> Cause explanation -> Your individual solution. Alex and Svenja’s help has not only put me on the right track concerning my person, my health, my business and my mental state /(personally, health-wise, entrepreneurially and mentally), but also enables my team to achieve our goals sustainably and with enjoyment . Thank you!


For some time now, Alexander Hahn has been accompanying me with his coaching in an appreciative, intelligent and solution-oriented manner - always at eye level and with a lot of empathy and understanding.

This cooperation supports me a lot in my reflections, in achieving the goals I have set myself and the changes that are important to me.


During my professional reorientation, which included a change of industry as well as a move from Zurich to Munich, Alexander stood by my side as a valued consultant and sparring partner.

His emphatic approach is well rooted in both theory and practice and is complemented by his own extensive and successful business experience.