LaFuga ESG time-out

The LaFuga ESG time-out from May 02 – 04, 2024

New ESG impulses for your enterprise

Embark on a mystical odyssey where the threads of responsibility for environmental, social, and governance realms intertwine with the tapestry of enjoyment and sensory delight. An enchanting invitation awaits you, a voyage of discovery that beckons you to explore the essence of ESG with every fiber of your being.

You can expect this

Within the LaFuga sanctuary, time halts to embrace you in a harmonious blend of reflection and immersive encounters centered around sustainability. Enriched by moments of personal growth and epicurean pleasures, this transformative journey ignites inspiration, stirs motivation, and leaves a lasting imprint on your soul.
What wonders lie in wait for you? A symphony of shared knowledge, guided dialogues, and profound revelations woven into a sustainable and sensorial tapestry. At its core, an innovative canvas of sustainability, showcasing all ESG facets tailored for your enterprise, ready to be carried back into the tapestry of your daily endeavors, brimming with newfound wisdom and actionable beginnings.
mmerse yourself in the enchanting dance of LaFuga's essence, where sustainability kindles the flames of entrepreneurial vigor, unveiling the alchemy of its transformative power through your very senses. Witness how the alchemy of fermentation techniques can illuminate the path towards practical ESG integration, a testament to the boundless possibilities awaiting exploration.

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Authentic Leadership

Leading with ease and joy. Without pretence or pressure.
Find your own leadership style and live your authentic leadership personality.

Lead successfully and still be a human being. We accompany you in developing your authentic leadership personality. So that you can achieve your goals. In harmony with your strengths, values and needs. Continuous and effective, combining online and live modules in our proven hybrid format.

Hybrid. For beginners and pros. Inhouse or in an open workshop.
In German and English.

You can expect this

Gain clarity about your vision and goals as a leader
Become aware of your strengths and talents
Strengthen and train your empathy skills
Enhance your coaching and communication competencies
Enhance your resilience strategies
Implement your authentic leadership style

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Executive Sparring

Create your own space for more clarity, new ideas and powerful solutions.
Gain fresh perspectives as a leader & human being.

As a top manager you really want to make a difference. But sometimes you just don’t have the space to think of new solutions and to give room to your ideas? With our Executive Sparring program we sharpen your view for new ways. We open up a safe creative space for you to develop without judgement, so that your thoughts can run free. You gain more clarity with our structured reflection loops and realize sustainable changes with us by your side. Online, live and hybrid: we tailor our formats to fit your needs.

Customized for you. Structured and executionable.
In German and English.

You can expect this

Take a fresh look at your company
Question routines in a solution-oriented way
Identify challenges and problem points
Create clear actions
Transform your ideas into successful results
Get impulses and inspiration for yourself and your teams

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Team Coaching

Bringing home the cup with your team.
Focussed. Confident. With joy.

Successful teams celebrate the strengths of each individual. And discover opportunities in differences. Experience as a team what it’s like to work together in trust, and creating strong results. No matter whether you are working remotely, hybrid or at one location – with us as your coaches leveraging our proven Hybrid-Formats

Customized for you. Structured and executionable.
In German and English.

You can expect this

Your team trusts each other
Your team is clear about personal, common and company goals
Your team sees conflict resolution as progress
Your team organises itself
Your team is flexible and adaptable
Your team works with a focus on solutions and with joy

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MINDLETICS – Learning from success

The gingershot for your motivation.
Rediscover your inner resources in 90 minutes.

Challenges can paralyse us. We are blocked and doubt ourselves. With our online booster you will immediately gain new self-confidence. And you can identify your strengths. So that you can move forward with fresh courage.

Online as an open workshop or for your team.
In German and English.

You can expect this

You will reflect on your successes
You fwill ocus on your inner resources
You will loosen blockades
You will find new drive
You will formulate easily realisable goals
You will get into action step by step

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Power Workshop – Revitalise your day

Get a charge of energy for your everyday business life.
90 minutes for more energy and joie de vivre.

In our performance-oriented society, obligations and needs often get out of balance. We feel driven. Motivation suffers. Discover simple methods so that you can act from your inner strength again and take off with full power.

Online or hybrid. As an open workshop or as a team experience with a culinary journey.
In German and English.

You can expect this

Relax in the face of stress
Balance body, mind and soul
Get to know your inner strengths and resources
Unleash creativity

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